Ei Mei Kan - November - 2006

A Warm Send-Off

by Tim Sullivan

On the evening of Saturday 11th November, over seventy people came together at the Rowheath Pavilion in Birmingham to give our resident shihans a warm send-off before their journey to Japan. Of course, many of the guests were Aikidoka, but there were also many friends and family members in the crowd.

After a buffet dinner, musical entertainment was provided by two acts. First, “The Uchideshi”, fronted by Phil Savage (the event's impresario) and Danny Gallagher of Ei Mei Kan, performed a selection of hits from the sixties to more the present day. The younger band "The Attic" then entertained the room with a spirited performance of their own compositions. The evening was rounded off with a raffle and the auction of a framed Heart Sutra by Sze Vone Chin (also from Ei Mei Kan), whose fine calligraphy graced the kamiza at the British Birankai sesshin in January 2006. Chris Mooney Shihan gave a short speech on behalf of the three shihans travelling to Japan, thanking the assembled guests for their friendship and support.

The generosity and support of all those who attended the event and made donations throughout the year have been very much appreciated. The 11th November event was a great success in its aim of raising funds to support the shihans' journey, raising over £900 for the cause. We would like to thank all those who contributed time, effort, money, prizes and good cheer: you played an important role in making possible a truly momentous occasion in Aikido history.

Domo arigato.


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