Ei Mei Kan

Aikido and Dojo

The practice of Aikido at Ei Mei Kan is traditional Aikikai-style Aikido, which traces its lineage by direct personal transmission from the Founder of the Art, through his apprenctice and personal student T.K. Chiba, 8th Dan Shihan, to the Chief Instructor of Ei Mei Kan, Chris Mooney, 6th Dan Shihan.

We all discover Aikido for ourselves through training. Seeking it in the here and now, means fulfilling the spirit of the tradition instead of merely copying it. How can we honour the past, except by cultivating martial valour in our own hearts through our practice now, and for the future? - Christopher Mooney Shihan

Visits May 2017

During the week of 7th-14th of May, Ei Mei Kan was visited by friends of the dojo. Yiannis Zorgianos and Petros Zisou of Shu Ren Kan, Athens, visited for a week of instensive training. At the same time Tim Sullivan of Aikido Berlin Mitte, former student at Ei Mei Kan, returned for a short week to the United Kingdom.